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The MEMBRANIUM story starts back to 50 years ago, when the USSR's Ministry of Chemical Industry decided to start development of technology and set up own production of cellulose acetate membrane products.

1968  Works of shaping acetate fibers from acetates are completed. Ph.D. thesis on photo- and photo-oxidative degradation of cellulose acetates is completed.

1970  A pilot continuous operation unit for production of membranes is set up at VNIIS (Scientific Research Institute of Synthetic Resins).

1974 Polymeric membranes department is established at VNIIS. The first industrial membrane plant in the USSR is commissioned.

1975 Gas separataion membranes lab establishement.

1977 The USSR's first  pilot industrial plant “Membrana-1” for production of cellulose esters based membrane is commissioned in Vladimir.

1982  Start of serial industrial production of spiral wound filter elements

1986  Creation of POLIMERSINTEZ as a leading instituition for "Membrana" center (more than 25 different industry's participants).

1998 POLIMERSINTEZ initiating a production site to make spiral wound filter elements for Russian market on a commercial basis. The compilation of long term scientific background for flatsheet development along with hi end technology practice had helped to set up this venture.

2010 POLIMERSINTEZ together with State owned high-tech investment fund RUSNANO (www.rusnano.com) decided to create Joint Venture RM Nanotech (MEMBRANIUM trade mark) to set up 10 000 sq. m production site for RO, NF and UF range of products