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High rejection elements KC 4040-C



Brackish water up to 5 g/l

Model A, mm B, mm B' (ATD), mm C, mm D, mm Weight, kg
KC 4040-C 1016.00 100.00 0.00 19.10 26.70 4.10

Product description

Membrane material Composite Polyamide
Membrane type ОРМ31К
Design Spiral wound
Application Brackish water up to 5 g/l


Model Flux, GPD Rejection, % Area Spacer
m2 ft2 mm mil
KC 4040-C 2 500 99.70 / 99.50 8.30 86.00 0.71 28.00

NaCl test solution 1500mg/l, P=1,5 MPa, T=25°C, pH=7,5. Permeate recovery rate is 15%.

Operating conditions and technical data for designing
Recommended operation pressure, MPa 1,2-2,0
Maximum operation pressure, MPa 4,1
Maximum pressure drop, MPa 0,1
Operation temperature, С1 4-45
рН at operation1 2-11
рН at chemical cleaning (short time operation) 2-11 (t≤45°C); 1-13 (t≤35°C)*
Maximum feed flow, m3/hr 3,6
Concentrate/permeate ratio on each element, min 5:1
SDI (15 minutes test), max 5
Turbidity, NTU max 1
Maximum feed flow, m3/hr 3,6
Chemical washing, T T≤45;Т≤35;Т≤25
1) During continuous work with pH over 10,5 the temperature must not exceed 35°С 2) Flow of each element in a batch may vary +/-15% *In case of chemical cleaning with a solution pH exceeding 11,5 or at the temperature level more than 45°С please contact original manufacturer for consultation.