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Pilot tests on a mobile membrane pilot plant

JSC "RM Nanotech" offers pilot tests on a mobile membrane pilot plant.
The mobile membrane pilot plant is designed for membrane filtration processes testing - reverse osmosis, nanofiltration, ultrafiltration, microfiltration of non-explosive liquid media with the pressure up to 25 bar. Filtration temperature - up to 80 °С. The pilot plant allows you to work with liquids with a viscosity of up to 800 cP. pH 1-13. Pilot plant material: stainless steel AISI 316. Seal material: EPDM (can be replaced with another material).
The membrane unit can process liquid media that are solutions of truly dissolved substances, suspensions of microorganisms and non-abrasive particles / substances, direct emulsions of vegetable and mineral oils, etc. The unit can be operated in batch and continuous modes. The plant can simultaneously use one or two membrane pressure vessels, which can be installed in parallel or in series in the circulation loop. These connecting options can be used, for example, for comparing membrane elements with a membrane of different molecular weight cut-off (MWCO), selection of detergent compositions, and other tasks. Depending on the type of the initial product and the selected membrane elements, the installation allows processing from 100 kg of feedstock in a batch mode per cycle up to 1-2 tons in 12 hours in a continuous mode. The holding volume of the pilot plant ranges from 15 to 40 liters, depending on the configuration. The unit has manual control with visualization of pump operation and concentrate meter readings on the control panel.
The unit allows working with spiral-wound membrane elements of standard size 3838; with ceramic membrane elements of standard sizes: 1200M41, 1178M25. Possible pore sizes for spiral-wound membrane elements: from 100 Da (MWCO) to 0.3 μm, for ceramic membrane elements: from 200 Da (MWCO) to 1.4 μm. Membrane elements with different cutoffs for the molecular weight of the retained substances can be alternately mounted on the installation for testing multi-stage membrane and combined technologies.
For the operation of the pilot plant, a power supply of 380 V, 7.1 kW is required; purified water for membranes CIP (water quality requirements are determined by the type of membrane elements used); cold water (no more than 15 ° С) for cooling the circulation circuit; the presence of a line of steam or hot water for short-term heating of cleaning solutions. To drain the spent cleaning solutions, a sewer drain is required. Overall dimensions of the unit: LxWxH = 2100x700x1800 mm. The minimum area required for installation and service area is 4 m2. Unit weight is 450 kg. The unit have wheels with stoppers for local movement inside the room and adjustable supports for horizontal alignment of the unit. At the work site, it is necessary to connect the unit to the grounding circuit. The installation is serviced by one operator.
Contact Information:
Russia, 600031, Vladimir, Dobroselskaya st., 224d
Vitaly Nikuiko - Head of Foreign Sales Division
Tel. +7 (4922) 47-40-01 (ext. 210)
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