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NSF International Certification

November 24, 2021

RM Nanotech has passed an annual audit and received the NSF International certificate in accordance with NSF / ANSI Standard 61 "Components of the drinking water system - impact on health".
NSF International is a global independent organization that develops standards, protocols, and tests and certifies food, water and consumer products to minimize adverse health impacts and protect the environment.
NSF / ANSI Standard 61 establishes health impact criteria for many products, components and materials of water supply systems, considers the most important aspects of the components of the drinking water system, such as the presence of contaminants that leach or migrate from the product / material into drinking water, above acceptable levels in finished water.
During the audit for compliance with the requirements of the standard, RM Nanotech passed a number of procedures, during which the high quality of the products, their impeccable characteristics and compliance with the regulatory requirements for use in drinking water purification were confirmed.