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Features of calculation of membrane systems by using the program Nanotech PRO

March 12, 2015

ZAO «RM Nanotech» hold the first training seminar about «Features of calculation of membrane systems by using the program Nanotech PRO»
There were about 40 technical and commercial specialists from all over Russia.
The aim of the seminar was introducing a fundamentally new and unique program for designing of membrane systems, selection of roll elements, preliminary value of working parameters. This software was developed specifically for national membrane systems «RM Nanotech».
Such issues as prospects for development of membrane technologies in Russia, particularly necessary for adapting calculation software for Russian users, were discussed. At present there are several programs for calculating reverse osmosis system, however not all of them can make a complete analysis including the cost of the system and operating costs. Together with the participants of the seminar there were discussed real examples of calculation, comparison of the information calculating and real results of working of membrane units, which were manufactured according to these technologies.
The program Nanotech PRO can perform preliminary calculations of the elements parameters in specific conditions.
A procedure of the program consists of 3 steps:
1. Enter information about source water;
2. Choice of a configuration of the system; (можно system configuration)
3. Estimation of the results and cost of the system.
The uniqueness of the program is that it has very simple and convenient user interface, database with complete analysis of water in Russia and calculation of the operating costs.
On the results of the seminar there was determined the direction of further cooperation with the participants.