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May 21, 2020

Despite the situation with the difficult epidemiological circumstance that has an impact on the main business processes of most companies all over the world; “RM Nanotech” continues to operate without interruption. Our own production and established technological process are not only an indisputable advantage for stable operation, but also a guarantee of the implementation of all projects without delay.

We can neither stop nor limit the production and shipment of membrane elements to our customers around the world, who, in turn, do not plan to suspend work either. The existing supply chains have been preserved, the necessary stock of finished products has been formed at the warehouse”, said Eduard Lisenkov, General Manager of “RM Nanotech” JSC.

The company has taken additional safety measures to minimize potential impact of the virus spread on the overall production activity: daily monitoring of body temperature has been introduced, all personnel are provided with masks and antiseptics, and additional disinfection is carried out in public places. Business negotiations and working meetings have been switched to video conferencing mode. Access by third parties is restricted. “The protection of health of our employees and our customers is the company's top priorities in the current difficult conditions”, Eduard Lisenkov emphasized.

For the rest, nothing has changed for the company - the work is carried out according to the production plan. “RM Nanotech” specialists continue providing timely technical support on the 24/7 basis, as well as conducting online consultations on all emerging issues.

In this difficult period, the fact that our company is constantly working at full capacity, manufacturing high-tech products and supplying them to many countries of the world, gives us reason to be confident that together we can adequately meet all the challenges of the time”, - emphasized Eduard Lisenkov.