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Sustainable export

April 06, 2020

Despite the outbreak of COVID-19 around the world, “RM Nanotech” continues to maintain a stable level of export of its products even in such difficult conditions.

Our activity is directly related to international cooperation. Over the ten years of the company's existence, we have developed an extensive portfolio of high-tech products in which our customers are most interested, including in foreign markets. The current situation, unfortunately, has led to a number of restrictions that have a direct impact on usual business processes and logistics schemes. However, at the moment, our company successfully solves all arising problem situations related to the supply and implementation of ongoing projects. In spite of the tough conditions, we manage to maintain a sustainable export”, - said Eduard Lisenkov, General Manager of “RM Nanotech” JSC.

Currently, the company is constantly working on the implementation of a large number of orders received both under existing long-term contracts and recently concluded contracts and agreements. In the coming days, two twenty-foot containers are being prepared for shipment - competitive at the world market Membranium products are waited for in Indonesia and in one of the Middle East countries. The importance and urgency of deliveries are determined by the fact that the membrane elements made by “RM Nanotech” will be used at strategic life support facilities in both countries. Planned shipments to Turkey, Egypt and Vietnam are also being prepared.

We keep on working continuously and satisfying the needs of all our customers, without exception. I’m sure that measures taken to combat the spread of the virus around the world will soon have an effect, the situation will stabilize, and we will quickly return to the usual mode of operation”, - said Eduard Lisenkov.