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Webinar for partners

November 18, 2020

A regular webinar of “RM Nanotech” Company took place in a series of programs on the topic “Russian reverse osmosis membrane elements. Operating experience". This time, representatives of key water treatment companies in Bangladesh took part in the online event.

The materials of three thematic units were offered to the attention of the participants:

"Upgraded membrane elements: development directions",

"Operating experience: real customer cases",

"Use of Membranium LAB reagents in water treatment systems".

The webinar was moderated by Dzyubenko Viacheslav, First Deputy General Manager - Production Director of JSC “RM Nanotech”.

In the speeches of the speakers, the issues of reverse osmosis plants were touched upon, the main causes of problems during operation were considered; solutions were proposed to eliminate them. Leading experts of the company shared their practical experience, cases and success stories in solving the most pressing issues. The program of the webinar was quite intense, and at the end of it, the participants emphasized the importance of the professional community online meeting, as well as the importance of the atmosphere of a constructive dialogue with colleagues and experts during the event.

The interest in the webinars organized by the company shows the necessity and relevance of the proposed communication format for foreign specialists that are responsible for water treatment at enterprises. As a result of the event, the webinar participants noted the importance of the professional community online meeting, and also expressed interest in further strengthening cooperation.