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NanotechROCAD 1.3.4

December 07, 2021

"RM Nanotech" JSC has released an update of the NanotechROCAD software designed to evaluate the characteristics of reverse osmosis plants under design using membrane elements of "Membranium" trade name.
The new improved version of NanotechROCAD 1.3.4 is already available for download. The installation software, as well as the "User Manual", which describes in detail the process of installing and using the program, can be found in the section https://www.membranium.com/technical-info/software/ 
List of key changes:
In the new version of the software, the detected errors were corrected and the catalog of membrane elements was updated in accordance with the changes in the product line. NanotechROCAD version 1.3.4 supports the following models of membrane elements:
KC 4040-C1M1, KC 4040-C2M1, KC 4040-C3M1
KC 8040-C1M1, KC 8040-C2M1, KC 8040-C3M1
KH 4040-C1M1, KH 4040-C2M1, KH 4040-C3M1
KH 8040-C1M1, KH 8040-C2M1, KH 8040-C3M1
KH 4040-C, KH 4040-C2, KH 4040-C3
KH 8040-C, KH 8040-C2, KH 8040-C3
KCH 4040-C, KCH 4040-C2, KCH 4040-C3
KCH 8040-C, KCH 8040-C2, KCH 8040-C3
KM 4040-C1M1, KM 4040-C2M1, KM 4040-C3M1
KM 8040-C1M1, KM 8040-C2M1, KM 8040-C3M1
KM 4040-C, KM 4040-C2, KM 4040-C3
KM 8040-C, KM 8040-C2, KM 8040-C3