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New opportunities with NanotechPro

September 25, 2019

“RM Nanotech” company has released an update to the software NanotechPro, designed to calculate the parameters of reverse osmosis systems using Membranium membrane elements.

The new improved version 4.4, thanks to a significant number of changes, allows even more accurate preliminary calculations of the spiral wound filter elements performance in specific conditions. The innovation will be appreciated by users for whom the speed and ease of use of the program, as well as the accuracy of calculations are important.

The new version of NanotechPro is now available for download. The software distribution and detailed instructions for it can be found in the "Software" section on the official website of the company at 

“NanotechPro” is your reliable assistant, providing complete confidence in the projected performance of Membranium membrane elements!

Short list of changes:

- bugs fixed, program stability increased;
- new types of Membranium membrane elements added;
- obsolete (no longer available) membrane elements of K series excluded.

Range of Membranium membrane elements available on NanotechPro:

КС series

КН series

КСН series

КМ series

КМ-М series

KC 4040-C

KH 4040-C

KCH 4040-C

KM 2521-С

KM 2521-CM

KC 4040-C2

KH 4040-C2

KCH 4040-C2

KM 2540-С

KM 2540-CM

KC 4040-C3

KH 4040-C3

KCH 4040-C3

KM 4040-C

KM 4040-CM

KC 8040-C

KH 4040-T

KCH 4040-F

KM 8040-C

KM 4040-CM2

KC 8040-C2

KH 8040-C

KCH 4040-F2

KM 8040-C2

KM 4040-CM3

KC 8040-C3

KH 8040-C2

KCH 4040-F3

KM 8040-C3

KM 8040-CM


KH 8040-C3

KCH 8040-C


KM 8040-CM2



KCH 8040-C2


KM 8040-CM3



KCH 8040-C3





KCH 8040-F





KCH 8040-F2





KCH 8040-F3